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List of followers of Meher Baba

List of followers of Meher Baba

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This is a non-comprehensive list of close followers and family members of Meher Baba who were physically with him during his lifetime and remained devoted to him all their lives. Included, where known, are nicknames given by Baba. Some other categories of followers and people associated with Meher Baba's life follow. Meher Baba once said, "Those who do my work are my mandali. If we were to list their names, it would fill a volume." [1]

* 1 Close followers who met or spent time with Meher Baba
* 2 Followers who left Baba
* 3 Famous people who met Meher Baba
* 4 Notable people who currently follow Baba but did not meet him
* 5 References
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[edit] 1 Close followers who met or spent time with Meher Baba


Birth place where known
Mehera Jehangir Irani – "Radha" Meher Baba's chief woman disciple
Shireen Sheriar Irani – "Memo" Meher Baba's mother Bombay
Sheriar Mundegar Irani – "Bobo" Meher Baba's father Iran
Manija Sheriar Irani - "Mani" Meher Baba's sister Pune
Beheram F. Irani - "Behramji", "Buasaheb" or "Barrister" Meher Baba's first disciple
Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff – "Ghani" Baba's boyhood friend Pune
Feramroz Hormsuji Dadachanji – "Chanji" Baba's first secretary
Moreshwar Ramchandra Dhakephalkar - "Dhake" Began as teacher in Hazrat Babajan School
Rustom Irani – "Masaji" Pendu's and Naja's father
Sanjeevani Moreshwar Dhakephalkar Dhake's wife
Munshi Rahim – "Munshiji" Devout Muslim Kasba Peth
Naval C. Talati Influential person in Bombay
Khak Saheb Manzil-e-Meem and Poona
Jamshed Sheriar Irani Baba's elder brother, died in 1927 Pune
Walter and Hedi Mertens Switzerland
Khodadad Farhad Irani – "Nervous" Manzil-e-Meem
Sampath Aiyangar Devount Hindu, circle member Madras
Swamiji Vedic Pandit
Arjun Supekar Owned paan–tobacco shop in Kasba Peth Kasba Peth
Kondiram Hindu disciple in Manzil-e-Meem
Sayyed Jamadar Poona and Manzil-e-Meem
Kaikhushru Keki Irani – "Lattoos" Boyhood friend
Faredoon Masa Uncle, married to Shirinmai's sister Dowla
Khan Saheb Kaikhushru Irani Donated all Meherabad land
Biharilal Lived in Meherabad as mandali, late 1920s
Kaikhushru Masa Soonamasi's husband Bombay
Kunjbihari Choubey Translated Baba's Discourses into Hindi
Manek Ranji Old devotee in Rahuri, near Nasik, India
Sadhu Christian Leik Meherabad disciple, 1920s Estonia
Nadirsha N. Dastur Lived in Meherabad as mandali late 1920s
Chowdhari A cook in Manzil-e-Meem Kasba Peth
Abdur Rehman – "Barsoap" Manzil-e-Meem
Dowlat Padir Meher Ashram student 1927
Lewis Charles Nelhams First Christian mandali, died 1925
Garrett Fort Hollywood screenwriter – suicide 1937
Jamboo Mama Beheramji's maternal uncle Poona
Quentin Tod London actor, died of malnutrition in 1947 London
Sohrabji M. Desai Gujarati literary scholar Navsari, India
Gangaram Pawar – "Ajoba" Hindu disciple in Manzil-e-Meem
Ahmed Khan Gavai Muslim disciple in Manzil-e-Meem
Tehemtan Eldest son of Naoroji and Bachamai Dadachanji
Khodadad Moondegar Irani Sheriar's elder brother Iran
Shah Khodadad Baba's cousin, 1st son of uncle Khodadad
Pulad Khodadad Baba's cousin, 2nd son of uncle Khodadad
Swami Bhabhanand Suicide in 1941 from guilt for murder
Nusserwan Kerawala Banu Satha's husband
Dr. Y. G. Karkal Medical physician who worked with the poor in hospital at Meherabad, 1920s; died in Meherabad, 1927
Genu Chambhar Prem Ashram boy, liberated in 1929
John Meher Ashram student – Christian
Ram Nath Meher Ashram student – Hindu
Bala Supekar Brother of Arjun Supekar Lonavla
Ali Akbar Jr. - "Majnun" Persian Prem Ashram Boy
Abdulla Pakrawan – "Chhota Baba" Prem Ashram boy
Sohrabji Vakil Parsi devotee from Surat Surat
Faredoon Irani Baidul's son – Meher Ashram student
Beheram Irani Baidul's son – died young in Iran, 1930s
Hormazdiar Irani Baidul's son – died young in Iran, 1930s
Bapu Ghante Brahmin in Poona and Manzil-e-Meem
Kashinath – "Kashiya" The laundryman at Manzil-e-Meem
Lala Pathan Watchman in Ranchi, Nasik and Meherabad
Chintaman Rao Devotee from Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
Beheram M. Desai Mansari's father Navsari
Ardeshir N. Desai Keki Desai's father Delhi
Manekji Confectioner Kaka Baria's sister's husband
N. Namdar Dastur Parsi – worked in Meher Ashram school
Rustom Dinyar Lived as mandali at Meherabad, late 1920s
Bhausaheb Dattu Mehendarge's father
Rashid Khusroo Irani Meher Ashram boy Jaffrabad, Iran
Jamshed Beheram Sheermard Baidul's father–in–law Iran
Sheermard Khorband Irani Prem Ashram boy Iran
Esfandiar Vesali Prem Ashram boy Iran
Sohrab Jehangir Irani Parsi Iran
Khan Bahadur Pudumji Influential person in Bombay Bombay
Palanji Motiwala Close friend of Eruch's father, Papa Jessawala Jabalpur
Motabava Khajotia Elderly Jessawala family friend Nagpur
Naoroji R. Satha Gaimai Jessawala's saintly father Nagpur
Merwan Kaikhushru Irani Member of Kaikhushru family
Golvadwala Sohrabji Irani – "the Old Man" Masaji's cousin
Golvadwala's son Died young
Dhunjibhoy Kerawala Jal Kerawala's father Nagpur
Sakkur Faithful servant in Prem Ashram
Beheram Rustom Salengi Baba's personal servant
Ardeshir Khodaram Irani Meher Ashram schoolboy
Rustom B. Irani Bomanji's brother Karachi
Kaikhusroo Owner of an ice cream shop Baba frequented
Hormuzd Boman Irani Pilamai's husband Karachi
Kasam Ramjoo Abdulla's son – died young
Faredoon Irani Dowla Mondi's son Poona
Otto Billo Father of Irene Billo Switzerland
Behli Jehangir Irani (Spelled his name "Baily") Baba's closest boyhood friend, worked in "mad ashram" Pune
Rustom Jehangir Irani Baily's brother Pune
Sohrab Rustom Irani Sailor's brother Pune
Bejanji Ramji Friend of Soma Desai Navsari
Dr. K. Daruwala Medical physician in Meher Ashram
Jamshed Mehta Friend of Mahatma Gandhi Karachi
Sadashiv Patel's uncle Hindu in Poona Pune
Jaka Seth Ramjoo Abdulla's father–in–law Lonavla
Jamshed Irani One of Baba's several cousins Bombay
Khodadad Masa Uncle, married to Shireenmai's sister, Banu
Arjun Supekar's father Hindu in Kaba Peth Kasba Peth
Jal Kerawala Papa Jessawala's friend – influential in Nagpur Nagpur
Jehangir Damania Shireen Satha's husband Ahmednagar
Rustom L. Elavia Gustadji Hansotia's cousin Gujarat
Sohrab Mavali Parsi devotee
Rashid Irani Baba's cousin, son of Khodadad and Banu
Hormusdiar Beheram Irani Khooramshar, Iran
Faredoon Irani – "Pedroo"
Babu Anna 104's brother-in-law Ahmednagar
Dinshaw Baba's Uncle, Shireenmai's brother Pune
Nonny Gayley Mother of Rano Gayley New York
Countess Nadine Tolstoy Married to Leo Tolstoy's son Ilya Russia
Mabel Ryan – "Firozeh" Ballet friend of Margaret Craske London
Dowla Masi F. Irani Shireenmai's sister Lonavla
Pilamasi R. Irani Pendu's and Naja's mother Pune
Kakubai Deorukhar Vishnu's mother Pune
Naja B. Irani – "Najudi" Sailor's first wife Kasba Peth
Jibboo Irshad Ramjoo Abdulla's daughter – died young
Freny Masi N. Driver Padri's mother – Daulatmai's sister
Yeshoda Gadekar Gadekar's mother Ahmednagar
Kamlabai Dhakephalkar Dhake's first wife Ahmednagar
Mrs. Kalemama Wife of Kalemama and Murli Kale's Mother. Died at Meherabad in 1932 at Baba's Ashram. Ahmednagar
Christine McNaughton Scottish girl, came to India in 1933. Killed during a German air raid on London in 1941 Scotland
Shanti Daughter of Kaka Shahane Ahmednagar
Gita S. Patel Sadashiv's wife Pune
Banubai M. Confectioner Kaka Baria's sister – very devout
Banubai Lakdawala Nargis Kotwal's paternal aunt Bombay
Khorshed Pastakia Devoted Parsi Karachi, Pakistan
Banu Irani Baidul's daughter – died young
Zohra Pirzade Sayyed Saheb's wife Nasik
Daughter of Sayyed Saheb Died young
Mrs. Burjor Dahiwala Neighbor near Manzil-e-Meem ashram
Dhakubai Arangaon villager – willed her property to Baba Arangaon
Khodabad Circlewala's daughter Dairyman's wife Bombay
Mehera Khodaram Irani Wife of cinema owner Nasik
C. D. Deshmukh's mother Devout Hindu Nagpur
Shirinbai Sohrab Irani Mehera J. Irani and Padri's saintly maternal grandmother Pune
Bhikaiji N. Hansotia Gustadji's mother Gujarat
Dhondibai Baba's nanny when he was infant Pune
Sita Worked as cook at Meherabad, Arangaon villager Arangaon
Helena Davy Mother of Herbert and Kitty Davy London
Dinamai Satha Wife of Jemi Satha Ahmednagar
Shanta Meherabad servant, wife of Kashiya – laundryman
Sunder Bhagaji Loyal servant at Meherabad
Bhikaiji Desai Member of large Parsi family Navsari
Baijimai Boman Desai Soma Desai's sister Navsari
Jagannath Gangaram Jakkal – "Anna 104"
Anna Jakkal Wife of Anna 104 Ahmednagar
Rawatmani Aunt, wife of Shireenmai's brother, Dinshaw
Chingutai Kalemama's daughter Ahmednagar
Pila Homi Homi Satha's wife Ahmednagar
Khorshed Jehangir Damania or Khorshedmai - "Fuimai" which means "Father's sister" Was betrothed to Eruch Jessawala by Baba. However, although married, they never lived together and Baba later ended all contact with her for following a man Baba said was a false saint named Mangharam Mirchandani
Maina Patel Sadashiv's daughter – died young
Jeejabai Sadashiv Patel's mother–in–law Pune
Gustadji (or Gustadjee) Hansotia Baba's best friend and "Shadow" – God-realized upon death in 1958 at Meherazad
Daulatmai Mehera J. and Freiny J. Irani's saintly mother
Gulmai K. Irani Baba's "Spiritual mother" Ahmednagar
Rustom K. Irani Adi K. Irani's elder brother, hermit in Rishikesh
Dr. Nilu Godse Killed in Udtara auto accident, 1956 – died in Baba's physical presence, as he wished
Vishnu Deorukhar Under Baba's guidance since teenager; said by Baba to be the reincarnation of the French Emperor Napoleon I
Rustom Jafrabadi – "Baidul"
Khodadad K. Irani – "Asthma"
Khodadad Rustom Irani - nicknamed "Khodu," then "Sailor" Boyhood friend of Baba's
Kim Tolhurst – "Ayisha"
Gabriel Pascal - "Phoenix" and "Panther" Hollywood Film producer Hungary
Margaret Scott Friend of Gabriel Pascal who lent him money when he was dying New York
Malcolm Schloss Author and poet
Princess Norina Matchabelli – "Noorjehan" meaning "light of the world" Actress, Perfume manufacturer, Co–founder with Elizabeth Patterson of the Meher Spiritual Center Florence, Italy
Terry Duce (Ivy O. Duce's husband Big oil businessman
Will and Mary Backett - Baba's "Archangels" England
Charles Purdom British literary scholar, biographer, and editor, usually credited as C. B. Purdom London
Douglas Eve Friend of Charles Purdom London
Warren Healey Printed literature about Baba in America
Beryl Williams Distributed Baba's photographs in America sent from India by sister Mani New York
Elizabeth Chapin Patterson – "Dilruba" Co-founder of the Meher Spiritual Center with Princess Norina Matchabelli
Kitty Davy – "Saroja" On the Blue Bus tours in India in the late 1930s. At Baba's request lived her later years on Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach. London
Zillah Brown – "Mumtaz" Kitty Davy's niece London
Margaret Craske – "Zulekha" Ballet teacher London
Delia DeLeon – "Leyla" London
Carrie Ben Shammai Israel
Ruth White - "Old Soldier" Lived to be 100 years old in Myrtle Beach United States
Jane Barry Haynes Actress, Head of Meher Spiritual Center in 1980s and 90s United States
Dr. Charles C. Haynes Doctor of Divinity, met Baba as a child in Myrtle Beach United States
Wendy Haynes Met Baba as a child in Myrtle Beach United States
John Haynes Met Baba as a child in Myrtle Beach United States
Ann Conlon Met Meher Baba at East West Gathering, 1962 United States
Darwin and Jean Shaw Very early American followers United States
Phyllis and Lyn Ott – "Phylyn" Artists who met Baba in 1965 (Phyllis also in 1964). Established residence on Meher Spiritual Center in 1966 United States
Tom and Yvonne Riley Met Meher Baba together in Myrtle Beach, 1958; Tom again in India in 1962 Woodstock, New York
Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – "Fredella" Baba watched an entire Yankees game on television in Fred and Ella's New York apartment; Fred was also at the Three Incredible Weeks. Germany
Frank Eaton Original caretaker at the Meher Spiritual Center; met Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach in the 1950s Myrtle Beach
Harold and Virginia Rudd with son, Raphael Met Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach New York
Ralph and Stella Hernandez and their daughter Libby Met Meher Baba in Myrtle Beach Cuba and Florida
Kecha & Henry Kashouty Virginia, United States
Erwin and Edward Luck - Baba's "Divine Idiots" New York
Rick Chapman - "Moochewalla" which means "the man with the mustache" Harvard graduate. Met Meher Baba for five minutes in the 1960s, one of Baba's drug "apostles" asked by Baba to spread his message on drugs California
Robert Dreyfuss Hitchhiked to India and met Baba in 1964 United States
Dana Field Eccentric dietician, slept on the floor with Baba's pictures on his bed California
John Bass New York
Irene Billo Switzerland
Murshida Rabia Martin First Murshida of Sufism in America, appointed by Hazrat Inayat Khan, brought the Sufis to Baba
Don E. Stevens Oil executive and Sufi who wrote introduction to God Speaks Imlay, Nevada (moved to CA when he was 4 years old)
Murshida Ivy Oneita Duce First Murshida of Sufism Reoriented San Francisco
Charmian Duce Knowles Daughter of Ivy Duce United States
Filis Frederick – "Filadele" (with Adele Wolkin) Editor of Awakener Magazine New York
Adele Wolkin – "Filadele" (with Filis Frederick) California
Agnes Baron Lived at Meher Mount in Ojai, California
Stella Dufresne Met Baba at the Delmonico Hotel in New York, and Myrtle Beach. Lived in New York, Montreal
Ludwig H. Dimpfl Wrote glossary for God Speaks
Herbert Davy Brother of Kitty Davy London
Jeanne Robinson Adriel Wrote the book, Avatar
Alexander Markey Co–founder with Jean Adriel of Meher Mount in Ojai, California in 1948
Dr. Goher Rustom Irani - "Dr. Goher" One of Baba's doctors and close circle member
Arnavaz N. Dadachanji
Mani Beheram Desai – "Mansari" Close early circle member. By Baba's order lived on Meherabad Hill by Baba's samadhi for many years, never to cross the railroad tracks except for medical attention Pune
Meheru Rustom Irani Close circle member
Naja Rustom Irani
Khorshed Kaikhushru Irani
Katie Rustom Irani Goher's sister, close circle member
Madeleine E. Gayley - "Rano Gayley" Artist. Painted Theme of Creation chart for Baba's principle book God Speaks as well as what is called Baba's Ten Circles chart. United States
Anita De Caro Vieillard - "Chuchulu") Zurich, Switzerland
Roger Viellard Chuchulu's husband
Faredoon Driver – "Padri" Early mandali who staid to end, left in charge of Meherabad during the New Life
Eruch Jessawala - "Eruch" Main interpreter of Baba's alphabet board and gestural sign language.
Byramshaw Jessawala – "Papa Jessawala" Eruch's father
Gaimai Byramshaw Jessawala Eruch's mother
Meherwan Byramshaw Jessawala Eruch's brother
Manu Byramshaw Jessawala Eruch's sister
Meheru Jessawala Eruch's sister
Sam and Roshan Kerawalla
Adi Kaikhushru Irani - Adi K. Irani Baba's second secretary, remaining so to the end of Baba's life dealing with all correspondence
Adi Sheriar Irani - "Adi, Jr." Baba's brother
Gulu A. Irani Adi Jr.'s first wife and Viloo's younger sister, who died after giving birth to Baba's brother Adi's son (Baba's nephew) Dara Irani
Freni Irani Adi Jr.s second wife Ahmednagar
Ali Akbar Shapurzaman – "Aloba" Iran
Aspandiar Rustom Irani – "Pendu"
Chintaman Vishnu Natu - "Bal"
Jal Sheriar Irani Baba's brother Pune
Dolly and Jal Dastoor
Dr. C. D. Deshmukh or Chakradkar Dharnidharr Deshmukh Indian professor of philosophy and original editor of Meher Baba's Discourses
Francis Brabazon Australian poet, founded Avatar's Abode near Brisbane Born London, Immigrated to Australia
Dr. Harry Kenmore Baba's chiropractor
Bhau Kalchuri, born Vir Singh Kalchuri – "Bhauji" Baba's night watchman, author, principle biographer, and chairman of Avatar Meher Baba Trust
Dr. William Donkin Medical doctor who wrote The Wayfarers about Baba's work with the masts
Ramjoo Abdulla Early disciple. Author of Ramjoo's Diaries which documents Baba's work from 1922-1929
A.R.Abdulla Ramjoo Abdulla's son. Married to Dr.Ghani Munsif's daughter. Bombay
Tukaram Chawan - "Mohammed Mast" Mast who lived with Baba and remained his disciple until his death in Meherabad in 2003 Sonawadi
Sarosh and Viloo Irani Sarosh elected mayor of Ahmednagar in 1952, Viloo housed many guests for Baba in her home known as Viloo Villa in Ahmednagar
Dara and Amrit Irani Dara is Baba's nephew. Meher Baba arranged their marriage and performed their wedding in 1968
Rustom and Sorab Irani Baba's twin nephews
Nariman Dadachanji
Will & Mary Backett Initiated into Sufism by Inayat Khan
Graham and Lettice Stokes Baba stayed in their home in Greenwich Village in 1932 New York
Keki and Freiny Nalavala
Naosherwan Nalavala - "Anzar" Editor of Glow International
Parmeshwari Dayal Nigam, – "Pukar" Hamirpur
Keshav Narayan Nigam Writer of sacred "Meher Chalisa" Hamirpur
Dr. Ram Gundo Ginde Famous Bombay surgeon who wrote Meher Baba's death certificate in 1969
Minoo Kharas Circle member
Eruchshaw – "Pesu"
Ruano Bogislav - "The Eagle" Paris
Marion Florsheim – "Energy"
Charles ("Tex") Hightower Dance student of Margaret Craske United States
Bili Eaton New York
Sylvia Gaines
Mildred Kyle Buried near Baba's Samadhi
Laura and Lee Delavigne – Baba's "Neighbors" Sufis United States
Kaikobad Feram Dastur Parsi priest, God-realized at time of death
Andy and Peggy Muir United States
Kaikhushru J. Pleader Kept in a room for two and a half years only on milk. God-realized at time of death
Savak and Nargis Kotwal
Savak and Nargis Kotwal's family, Hilla, Najoo and Adi
Soli Kotwal Brother of Savak Kotwal Bombay
Venkoba Rao
Kaka Baria
Kaka Shahane He was related to Kalemama. Stayed with family at Arangaon. Arangaon
Valu Pawar
Slamson Gustadji's brother
Krishna Nair Baba's night watchmen during the 1940s and early 1950s
Amrathlal K. Deshi
Jim and Rhoda Mistry
Adi and Rhoda Dubash
Anna Kale Kalemama's Elder Brother and Ashram inmate. Ahmednagar.
Dr.Murli Kale Meher Baba's Mandali and Kalemama's son. He was with Baba since 1927 Prem Ashram Boys days, until as a New Life Companion. A Qualified Homeopath. India.
Sittaram Dattatrey Deshmukh – "Chhagan" Mandali from very early days to end Ahmednagar
Pandurang S. Deshmukh - "Pandoba"
Feram B. Workingboxwala
Bhagubai Jamadar's wife
Dowla Baidul's daughter
Kakubai Deorukhar
Jangle Master
Muktabai Jangle's wife
Naggu Meheru's sister
Nargis Savak's wife
Pilamai Hormuzd
Radhabai Sidhu's wife
Sarwar Baidul's daughter
Shantabai Chhagan's wife
Silla Pilamai's daughter
Soltoon Baidul's wife
Soonamasi Engineer Mother of Dolly Dastur
Soonamasi Irani Mother of Small Khorshed
Small Khorshed
Bala Tambat
Ramchandra Bapuji Kale – "Kalemama" "Kalemama" Met Baba in 1926, and served him as a resident Mandlai until his last in 1954 in Meherabad. Ahmednagar
Lala Kamble
Ramchander Gaikwad
Sidhu Kamble
Rama, Sheela, and Mehernath Kalchuri
Shatrugna Kumar
Edward (Ned) and Dorothea (Dottie) Foote
Elizabeth Sacalis
Deirdre Eaton
Virginia Gloor Sadowsky
Donald Mahler
Viola Slayton Farber
Peter Saul
Mik and Ursula Hamilton Couple who met Baba for five minutes at Meherazad in 1966. Baba asked them to help spread his message on drugs in the west U.S.A., Germany
Gulnar and Jehangu Sukhadwalla Baba's niece and her husband
Sam Cohen Brooklyn, New York
Edith Bradbury United States
Fred Marks London
Robert and Yvonne Antoni Paris, France
Andreé Aron Paris, France
Alfredo and Consuella de Sides Paris, France
Bunty Kelly Bernstein One of Margaet Craske's dance students United States
Bernice Ivory United States
Leatrice Shaw Johnston Daughter of Darwin and Jeanne Shaw United States
Renae Shaw Daughter of Darwin and Jeanne Shaw United States
Hoshang Bharucha
Cowas Vesuna Navsari
Phillipe Dupuis New York
Fred Frey California
John Ballantyne Australia
Ben Hayman Texas
Max Haefliger Switzerland
Frank S. Hendrick Pacific Coast of U.S.A.
Tom Sharpley
Dorothy and Tom Hopkinson Co-authored Much Silence' together London
Nana Kher Attendant at Meher Baba's samadhi
Yeshwant Rao
Narendra and Sheila Thade
Bal Kishan Bakhshi and his wife, Meher Kanta Established Meher Dham centre in Dehra Dun
Elcha Mistry
Jagannath N. Hellan Known generally as Hellan
Was Deo Kain and his wife, Harjiwan Lal and family
Keki and Dhun Desai
Ader Ardeshir Desai
Dhun Satha Crippled with muscular dystrophy
Trailokya Nath Dhar Often named simply T. N. Dhar Delhi
P. H. Ganjoo Delhi
Kishan Singh Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Prakashwati Sharma Mistress of Kishan Singh
Adi and Dolly Arjani Karachi, Pakistan
Denis and Joan O'Brien Australia
Meheru Damania Eruch Jessawala's younger sister, cooked on Blue Bus travels 1938-39, died of cancer at age 32. Marriage to Savak Damania was arranged by Baba
Burjor and Sheroo Chacha Opened their home to Baba's companions in "The New Life" phase of Baba's life. Secretly took two photographs of Baba and the men begging in their white kafnis, green turbans and white canvas shoes
Enid Corfe Italy
Harish Chander Kochar Lawyer
Curshed Talati Died in London at 21 of heart failure taking Baba's name. Ashes buried at Meherabad
Naval and Dina Talati Parents of Curshed and his sisters Jeroo and Perviz
Naoroji and Bachamai Dadachanji and their children Tehemtan, Arnavaz, Nargis, Rhoda. and Soona. Bombay
Rustom and Freny Dadachanji
Joseph Harb California
G. S. N. Moorty, his wife Saviti, and their baby that they brought to Baba Calcutta
Stan and Clarice Adams and their children Noel, Cynthia and Colin Cynthia made a trip of her own to India and met Baba again in 1964 Australia
Ena Lemmon Australia
Elsie Smart Australia
John and Joan Bruford and their son Bernard Australia
Reg Paffle Australia
Lorna and Robert Rouse Australia
Oswald and Betty Hall Australia
Bill and Joan Le Page and their children Michael, Jenny, and Ruthie Australia
Pophali Pleader Lawyer and big Baba worker
Sadashiv Patel
Shivnath Vibhuti Gademali Known as Vibhuti, very early long time disciple
Vithal Bhokre
Madhusudan and Subhadra Bundellu Married bhajan singers from Poona. Baba blessed and attended their wedding at Guruprasad
Matra Dutta Shastri Hamirpur
Bachoobhai Jairam Soni Bhajan singer Navsari
Maharani Shantadevi Maharani of Baroda, Owned a palace called Guruprasad in Pune that she frequently put at Baba's disposal and later became a close follower. Cut ribbon for Mehersthan center built by Kodury Krishna Rao in Kovvur
Yogi Shuddhanand Bharati Wrote Meher Mahima (Glory of Meher). Seen in orange robes seated on the Dais near Baba in films of the 1962 East-West darshan Pondicherry
Kutumba Sastry Tadimeti Baba nominated him as First Chairman of Trust - 'K'in "KDRM", a team babad jointly named
Dhanapati Rao Naidu Tota 'D' in KDRM
Ranga Rao Yarremsetty 'R' in KDRM
Malllikarjuna Rao Chaganti 'M' in KDRM
Manikyal Rao Vijaywada-baba calls him 'Manik' (a gem)
Rammohan Rao Majeti In first contact- baba identified him as his Host, without any one's introduction, at Vijayawada Railway station in 2nd Andhra tour
Raghavulu A.V Now, President; Adhra Centre
Subba Rao Katta Host at Eluru. Baba stayed and gave darshan at his farm during two Andhra tours
Helen Dahm Swiss painter who painted the interior of Meher Baba's samadhi Switzerland

[edit] 2 Followers who left Baba


Birth place where known
Meredith Starr Introduced Baba to the West. Wrote to Baba when he left hiim, "Give me either the 400 pounds you owe me or illumination; otherwise, I will leave you and expose you as a fraud!" [2] London
Babadas Borrowed money in Baba's name without asking. Baba paid back money and cut off all contact [3] India
Mohan Shahane [4] India
Herbert Davy Brother of Kitty Davy London
K. J. Dastur Left Baba and began publishing anti-Baba literature in India, asking Baba for funds to help finance it, which Baba gave him [5] India

[edit] 3 Famous people who met Meher Baba


Birth place where known
Mary Pickford Held a reception for Meher Baba at her home Pickfair in Hollywood in 1933
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Film actor New York
Boris Karloff Film actor London, England
Cecil B. DeMille Famous film producer who met Meher Baba in the 1930s and corresponded later in regards to Meher Baba's opinion of his film The Ten Commandments.
Cary Grant Met Meher Baba in Hollywood [6]
Gary Cooper Film actor England
Charles Laughton Film actor England
Tallulah Bankhead Actress (photo)
Virginia Bruce Actress (photo)
Mahatma Gandhi Met Meher Baba on the S.S. Rajputana in 1932 and later corresponded India
Prince Georges V. Matchabelli Inventor of the now famous perfume brand Georgia (country)
Ivor Novello Famous Welsh composer, singer and actor
Ernst Lubitsch Hollywood director Germany
John Gilbert Major star of the silent film era Utah, United States
Charles Farrell American film actor
Florence Vidor American actress Texas
Johnny Mack Brown All-American college football player and successful film actor United States
Mercedes de Acosta Famous writer. Lived with Baba in his ashram in the 1930s for a short time, then left to see Sri Aurobindo. New York
Paul Brunton Met Meher Baba in India in the 1930s and wrote about his meeting with Baba and others in his then famous book Search in Secret India. London
Thomas A. Watson Inventor, assistant to Alexander Graham Bell in the invention of the telephone. United States
Karl Vollmöller Famous playwright especially known for The MIracle Germany
Gabriel Pascal Famous Hungarian film producer who met Baba several times and remained a very close follower all his life Hungary
Garrett Fort Hollywood screenwriter, close follower United States

[edit] 4 Notable people who currently follow Baba but did not meet him


Birth place where known
Pete Townshend Rock musician England
Timothy Busfield Television Actor United States
J. M. DeMatteis Comic Book writer United States
Jeff Maguire Hollywood Screenwriter Connecticut
Danese Cooper Open-source software advocate United States
Tamara Mark Television Actor United States
Daniel Ladinsky Poet United States
Larry Thrasher Experimental musician North Carolina
Peter Sumner Actor Australia
Biddu Music Director India
Tuck Andress Musician United States

[edit] 5 References

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[edit] 6 External links

* List of resident mandali in 1944
* List of followers staying with Baba in 1947
* List of 86 departed men and 37 departed women disciples, compiled by Meher Baba on December 24th, 1951
* 1952 list of gathered men disciples
* Long list of departed disciples organized by Baba himself, 1967

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